About Us

The team at GrowRebates was asked by one of the first legal growers in Washington state to help them find affordable efficient lighting for their grow operation. In our quest, we determined their best option was to get quality LED lighting and utilize their utility company’s rebates to help with affordability. Since that first project in 2014, we have helped hundreds growers obtain rebates and worked with multiple utility companies.

How it works:

Our lighting specialists work with each grower to determine their needs, then formulate that info into a lighting design that both works for their application and gets the maximum rebate allowed by the power company.

GrowRebates buys the energy efficient light you want at full price, then works with your local power company to maximize the rebates that they offer to commercial customers. After a rebate/grant is established by the power company, GrowRebates sells the light to you at the rebated price and GrowRebates waits for the rebate/grant money to be issued from the power company.

It may sound too good to be true, but it is a practice that GrowRebates has successfully performed since 2014. In several cases, GrowRebates has been able to get $1,500 LED fixtures to its customers at $150 per light after rebate/grant. GrowRebates also offers free estimates with no risk to its customers. Feel free to call or email with any questions or for more details.